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VEX Regional Robotics Competition:

VEX is back! In coalition with the Cal Poly Society of Women Engineers and San Luis Obispo High School, we are proud to host the California Central Coast Vex Competition on January 27th, 2024 in the ATL, Bonderson, and Engineering Plazas! We welcomed 45 teams to compete in this year’s game, “Over Under” where they will compete in alliances to get the highest score by strategically launching “acorns” in goal zones and climbing on towers. With each match featuring four robots from four different teams, the randomly paired alliances must compete against the clock and each other to score the most points on a 12-by-12-foot field. In the afternoon, the 32 top teams formed alliances and competed in a single-elimination bracket for the winning title. We have teams come all over Central California from as far as Bakersfield and Fresno and have over 100 SWE and Cal Poly volunteers. Ultimately, the tournament qualified 8 teams for the CA State Championships through tournament champion/finalists, excellence, design, skills champion, and innovate awards. Cal Poly SWE is also able to  recognize a team who brings inclusivity to robotics by embracing female empowerment and belonging to all members of their team with the Cal Poly specific “SWE Innovate Award”.

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