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SLO Foster Support Day:

On February 3rd, Cal Poly SWE hosted an event in collaboration with the San Luis Obispo foster children. The children and their guardians were invited to campus for a morning filled with engineering activities and a chance to work and talk with engineering students at Cal Poly. SWE collaborated with Society of Civil Engineers and EMPOWER. The Society of Civil Engineers lead the kids through a spaghetti structure building activity using spaghetti and marshmallows. The kids gained an understanding of what makes a good structure and how to build creatively using limited supplies. EMPOWER led the kids through a thumb mold activity. The kids got to make a mold of their thumb using a plaster mold and take home an exact model of the finger they chose to mold! The kids and guardians both had positive feedback at the end of the event and SWE is excited to continue this newfound partnership with San Luis Obispo Social Services!

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