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Tunnell Elementary School Visit

On the gorgeous Tuesday morning of February 5th, we hosted four fourth grade classrooms during our Tunnell Elementary Outreach Event throughout the Engineering Plaza at Cal Poly. With almost 120 attendees ages 10 and under, there was so much enthusiasm and curiosity for the possibilities of the day. SWE partnered with Engineering Ambassadors and Dr. Cardinal of the BMED department to create an event that inspired and motivated students to reach for their exciting futures. The fourth graders eagerly asked questions during a student panel, and then switched between a tour of the Cal Poly engineering buildings and laboratories and worked on a hands-on STEM activity where they worked together to build a sturdy bridge. By practicing engineering and then completing a task, the fourth graders were successful in implementing the engineering design process. The students were left to rely on their imaginations and utilized the resources given to them to come up with a design to create a bridge. This event wouldn’t have been possible without the help from our panelists, engineering ambassador tour guides, and volunteers.

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