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Spring Virtual BAE Day 2021!

Cal Poly SWE (CPSWE) hosted its second virtual Building an Engineer Day on Saturday, April 24th. The event was run by 8 volunteers, with almost 25 participants, and 3 clubs attending! Students attended several virtual labs that were run by Cal Poly engineering clubs. With our Wall-E theme, we learned about radio frequencies, understanding ciphers, made catapults, and created towers from a scavenger hunt. The students were placed in small groups to have a more personal experience with their volunteers and so many more conversations were had. So many things were learned from the previous BAE Day that were utilized for this Spring BAE Day. Breakout rooms were used instead of various zoom links, students were allowed to leave for a break in the middle of the day, and were allowed to turn off their videos for a better connection. It was a successful and fun time with everyone, we are looking forward to the future of Building an Engineer Day!

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