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Winter 2021 BAE Day!

Cal Poly SWE (CPSWE) hosted its first ever virtual Building an Engineer Day on Saturday, Jan 30th! This event was organized by a creative, hardworking group of CPSWE members that coordinated 18 volunteers, almost 50 participants, and 9 clubs for an educational experience. We embraced our theme, The Incredibles, by using Incredibles themed backgrounds, club activities, and reminiscing on the movies with the students and what made the engineering there so fascinating to see. The students were placed into groups of 5 to 10 and rotated through 3 hands-on labs led by our own Cal Poly engineering clubs and students. Some of these labs included re-engineering the features of a road, building and testing paper bridges, and learning about high frequency radios!

Winter BAE Day 2021 was CPSWE’s first online BAE Day, which brought along new challenges to tackle and learn from. We learned from participant sign up forms, using Zoom as the video platform, and how to keep the students engaged through Zoom fatigue. Overall, it was successful in that students still got to learn about engineering and had a good time with our volunteers and clubs. We are looking forward to implementing the things we’ve learned for the future!

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