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This summer, Cal Poly SWE and 10 awesome volunteers brought SWE-EETY to high schools all over California, and to over 500 students! SWE-EETY stands for Society of Women Engineering Expanding Engineering to Youth and is our chance to visit high school classes and teach them about Cal Poly and engineering. Volunteers visited STEM classrooms of various subjects and grade levels to give presentations about the different types of engineering and their experience at Cal Poly as engineers. Combined with discussions on diversity and empowering everyone to feel welcome in engineering, our presence in the high school classrooms inspires students to pursue engineering and Cal Poly.

Then, the high schoolers got to put their newfound engineering knowledge to the test with a hovercraft activity! This balloon powered CD hovercraft was an activity that challenged students to work in teams, ask questions, and walk them through the engineering design process - while having lots of fun! After lots of fun testing out their mini vehicles, and lots of races, students debriefed their findings with each other, and asked lots of questions about engineering, Cal Poly, and college! It’s awesome to see that many high school students get engaged, ask questions, and really explore their options in the future. All of Cal Poly SWE is thrilled that we had such a successful SWE-EETY this year!

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