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Winter Girl Scout Day!

Winter Girl Scout Day took place on January 8th from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM. Every year, we come up with a theme or storyline that the entire event is planned around. This year, we had a lesbian couple that had lost each other in a winter storm. Volunteers dressed in winter clothing and throughout the day, the couple ran around to the different activity stations asking if the Girl Scouts had any clues on where their partner went or if they could help them find each other with the activities. Our three activities involved concepts from three different fields of engineering and all would be helpful in the couple’s search for each other.

Using concepts of electrical engineering, the Girl Scouts created a compass with magnets and containers filled with water so that the couple would have a better sense of which direction is which. Using concepts of thermochemistry, useful in mechanical and chemical engineering, the Girl Scouts made slushies so that the couple would not grow hungry during their search for each other. Using concepts of materials engineering, the Girl Scouts made their own shoes so that the couple would be better equipped to make their way through the storm. It was so fun to see the Girl Scouts, parents, and volunteers so invested in each activity and the storyline. We are excited for our next Girl Scout Day in the spring!

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