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Spring Girl Scouts Day

On the morning of Saturday April 20th, we held our Biannual Girl Scout Event in Cal Poly’s Engineering Plaza. The half-day event is popular among Girl Scouts on the Central Coast with 34 attendees aged 10 and under participating this Spring. Throughout the day, the Girl Scouts worked to help Buzz Lightyear from Disney-Pixar’s film Toy Story find and reunite with their good friend Woody, before Andy noticed. Upon accepting their mission, the Scouts rotated through three laboratory activities: they made catapults to launch green army men who were doing surveillance, programmed Buzz Lightyear through a meteor shower to make it back to Andy’s room, and finally help put together Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head by molding them out of chocolate. While the scouts were completing their mission, the parents attended a Parent and Educator Program (PEP) and learned to make sandwiches by giving a “computer volunteer” very specific instructions. At the end of their mission, the Girl Scouts received their SWE badge, along with a custom event badge! After closing ceremonies, the Scouts finally reunited Woody with the rest of their friends! This event would not have been possible without the help of our volunteers, group leaders, and planning subcommittee.


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