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Spring Girl Scout Day!

Spring Girl Scout Day took place on April 16th from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM and celebrated Earth Day and engineering. Each Girl Scout Day has the intention of encouraging young women who are interested in engineering that they have a place in the field if they would one day like one and to also expose them to different engineering topics through three activities. This year’s activities utilized concepts from mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and electrical engineering. Each activity demonstrated how engineers can design solutions that create more sustainable environments.

Our mechanical engineering activity was a vehicle design challenge where Girl Scouts were tasked with the goal of creating a vehicle out of recyclable materials that could be used to transport a team of scientists to save an endangered species. Our chemical engineering activity involved an oil spill at Avila Beach, which we modeled with a bit of oil in a bucket full of water, that the Girl Scouts could clean up using a variety of different methods. Our electrical engineering activity involved the design of a solar oven using pizza boxes and aluminum foil. Girl Scout Day is always such a wonderful opportunity to mentor younger engineers in an encouraging and welcoming environment!

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