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Invent It. Build It. Outreach EXPO at WE19

On November 9, 2019, Cal Poly’s Society of Women Engineers reached out to hundreds of middle and high schoolers and their supporters at the Invent It. Build It. Outreach EXPO. This event occurred at the WE19 Conference in Anaheim, California, where our section of SWE hosted a booth alongside other college sections and well-known companies. As exhibitors, the Cal Poly SWE Outreach Core led students in a hands-on activity called Binary Bracelets. Our volunteers would first teach students about binary and its importance, then guide them through a worksheet to spell out their names in binary, and ultimately help them construct a bracelet with their very own binary name on it! Everyone enjoyed the activity tremendously - so much so that many supporters asked to participate as well!

In interacting with so many students, parents, and educators, Cal Poly SWE representatives were able to demonstrate how engineering can be fun, engaging, and exciting, even if it initially seems challenging or intimidating. Additionally, the booth served as an excellent way to engage in conversations about the gender gap in engineering, different career paths or fields, and Cal Poly-specific admissions and programs.

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