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Atascadero Middle School Spring Visit!

Updated: May 26, 2021

Cal Poly SWE visited Mrs. DiSanti’s virtual classrooms for Atascadero Middle School on May 3rd, 2021 to teach students about mechanical engineering. Before starting, we played a quizizz game with the students. We refreshed our minds on the basics of thermodynamics! After the quiz, students got to learn about Cal Poly, SWE, and SWE’s mission to teach engineering despite their background. Then, we started learning about mechanical engineering and what mechanical engineers study. Because of the online setting, we focused on software that would pertain to mechanical engineering. The students learned about different AutoCAD softwares that mechanical engineers use in industry, and even went through some Solidworks tools and how they are used to create different types of shapes. They were also able to view projects from Cal Poly students in different clubs, such as Cal Poly Racing. It was a smooth presentation as volunteers were now used to the Google Meet format.

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