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Evening with Industry(EWI) is the Society of Women Engineer's biggest networking event of the year!

Cal Poly Society of Women Engineers would like to thank the companies that attended our 45th annual Evening with Industry:

Cal Poly Society of Women Engineers would like to thank all of the companies and individuals that donated to our scholarship program this year, and congratulate the exceptional students that won scholarships!

Scholarship Winners

Applied Materials

Cameron Causey - Materials Engineering    Luisa Chiu - Mechanical Engineering   

 Jeni Kawate - Electrical Engineering             Kristen Perron - Materials Engineering

The Boeing Company

 Annaliese Gutierrez - Mechanical Engineering    Ariel Sampson - Aerospace Engineering


Lauren Chan - Mechanical Engineering       Sydney Donaldson - Mechanical Engineering

Reagan Lawson - Mechanical Engineering       Lauren Zuend - Civil Engineering


   Kaley Sapper - Biomedical Engineering


 Bonnie Brown - Manufacturing Engineering       Lili Boyer-Quick - Mechanical Engineering

Isabell Chavez - Civil Engineering       Camille Garlick - Industrial Engineering

    Jamie Luna - Software Engineering

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

   Joselyne Martinez - Civil Engineering


   Elizabeth Mentel - Biomedical Engineering 

Solar Turbines

   Anisha Raju - Computer Science 


    Sami Low - Mechanical Engineering

Phillips 66

Janelle Cruz - Electrical Engineering       Rachel Potratz - Materials Engineering

Maxim Integrated

Janine Darato - Electrical Engineering        Nayana Tiwari - Computer Engineering and Physics

SWE Central Coast Scholarship

   Emily Truong - Computer Science

Forbes Family Scholarship

Taylor Austin - Environmental Engineering       Stassa Cappos - Mechanical Engineering

Piper Feldman - Computer Science                     Emily Gavrilenko  - Computer Science 

 Cassie Harriman - Industrial Engineering Graduate       Melissa Martinez - Biomedical Engineering 

Eliza Rosales - Environmental Engineering       Tessa Tapmongkol - Computer Science

Janet Velasquez - Biomedical Engineering       Theresa Wilcoski - Industrial Engineering

George and Marcelle Ansolabehere Scholarship

Christina Adams - Industrial Engineering    Evelyn Chavez - Industrial Engineering

Rachel Kloth - Biomedical Engineering   Emily Martin - Industrial Engineering

SWE Past Presidents’ Scholarship

   Alyssa Liu - Computer Engineering    

   Kelsey McDonough - Computer Science

CPSWE Alumni Allegiance Scholarship

 Alycia Darby - Architectural Engineering       Lauren Reny - Biomedical Engineering

   Katie Seidl - Software Engineering

EWI 2021 Nomimees

Most Supportive Professor Nominees

Nicole Johnson-Glauch   

Materials Engineering

‣ Kurt Colvin

Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering

‣ Sara Della Ripa 

Biomedical Engineering

‣ Dianne DeTurris

Aerospace Engineering

‣ John Pan

Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering

Men Empowering Women Nominees

Jason Johnson-Yurchak

‣ Spencer Shaw

‣ William Andrews

Outstanding Women in Engineering Nominees

Claire Anovick-min.jpg

Claire Anovick

Civil Engineering - 3.52

A fourth-year civil engineering student from Easton, Maryland, Claire has academic focuses in geotechnical engineering and geology and internship experience with Earth Systems Pacific and Webcor Concrete Group. Claire maintains an overall GPA of 3.52 and has served as President of Cal Poly CalGeo, a Student Research Assistant with Dr. Fiegel, and Project Manager of GeoWall. Claire is also a founder of the Curriculum Enhancement Committee, a student group engaged in critical reflection of justice in engineering initiatives taught through CE/ENVE curriculum.


Ivet Avalos

Mechanical Engineering - 3.495

Ivet is  very passionate about the medical field and increasing the quality of life for people through innovative design. Outside of academics, she spends most of her time with SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers) trying to create a welcoming environment for all of her peers at Cal Poly. She considers herself an extrovert and a fairly social person, so she loves to meet and learn from the people around her.

Micaela Bataclan-min.JPG

Micaela Bataclan

Industrial Engineering - Statistics minor - 3.7

Micaela's pronouns are she/her/hers, and she is a 4th year Industrial Engineering student with minors in Ethnic Studies & Statistics. She found her sense of community at Cal Poly through her involvement with the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE), TEDxSanLuisObispo, Engineering Ambassadors, and Pilipino Cultural Exchange (PCE). As a leader and teammate, she has  guided and contributed to multiple initiatives through her club involvement and at her internships at ServiceNow, Siemens, and Centrify to do what IE's do: tie efficiency with efficacy.

Karina Camp-min.jpg

Karina Camp

Industrial Engineering

Karina is a  Senior Industrial Engineering student from San Diego, CA with a minor in Actuarial Preparation. She loves spending time outdoors and with friends, playing golf, cooking, and being involved with several organizations such as IISE and EWB on campus. Professionally, she has had several internships in Business Analytics, Industrial Engineering, and Consulting and this summer she will be starting as a Consultant at Protiviti in Los Angeles.

Megan Campbell_Headshot-min.jpg

Megan Campbell

Bioresource and Agricultural Engineering - 3.79

Megan is an officer in GrowCrew and the Agricultural Engineering Society (AES). She works as the BRAE peer advisor for the College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences advising center. She interned at Jacobs Engineering the past two summers as a water engineer and her career goal is to be a wetland and watershed restoration engineer.

Mahima Choudhary-min.JPEG

Mahina Choudhary

Software Engineering -3.3

After graduating in the Spring of 2021, Mahina will be joining Microsoft as a Technical Program Manager, and begin my journey to Seattle. She is really passionate about emerging ethical technologies and empowering women in the technical field. She is so honored to receive this nomination and is very excited to bring her 'learn by doing' experience to the industry.


Lauren Fukaye

Aerospace Engineering - 3.88

Lauren is a senior Aerospace Engineering student at Cal Poly. She enjoys making things in the machine shop and teaching other students about what she's passionate about. She also enjoys playing volleyball and the clarinet.


Richa Gadgil

Computer Science - 3.7

Richa Gadgil is a focused leader who has actively participated in the artificial intelligence and machine learning community on and off campus. She is the current president and co-founder of the Cal Poly Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence club, the first club on campus that allows students to work on relevant AI/ML projects and understand their implications. Within industry and research, Richa has interned at Apple and Project Jupyter, and is currently part of the first cohort of NSF-Funded Central Coast Data Science Research Fellows.


Karina Galvan

Manufacturing Engineering - 3.486

Karina Galvan loves combining her creative talents and technical skills with her passion for youth enrichment as a children’s book illustrator, athletic coach, and track & field official. You can tell her apart with her curly hair, bubbly personality, and lengthy discussions on packaging technology. When she’s not helping her grandma fix her TV (how is it always on the wrong source?!), you can find her sewing, playing video games, or trying to squeeze just one more year out of her 22 year-old car.

Janis_Iourovitski headshot (1 of 1)-min.

Janis Iourovitski

General Engineering

Janis is  a General Engineering student from Palo Alto, CA concentrating in Health Care Technologies, a combination of mechanical engineering, data science, and biology. Throughout her time at Cal Poly her goal has been to apply what she learns in the classroom to improve the well-being of others which led her to be heavily involved with EMPOWER (formerly known as QL+), intern with medical device companies, and conduct neuroimaging research as an AMGEN scholar. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, surfing, rock climbing, and painting the beautiful landscapes around SLO.


Michelle Jakab

Software Engineering

Michelle Jakab is a fifth year Software Engineering major who discovered her love of programming halfway through her second year at Cal Poly. Since then, she switched into the SE major, become president of Cal Poly's chapter of CS + Social Good, and became a Student Software Developer at iFixit.

Jennifer Kandell Photo-min.jpg

Jennifer Kandell

Biomedical Engineering

Jennifer has been involved with campus leadership activities such as Society of Women Engineers, Biomedical Engineering Society, and Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers while pursuing a Biomedical Engineering Master’s degree with a specialization in regenerative medicine. She has also served as the Cal Poly Bio-Imaging Research Lab Manager where she investigated the protective aspects of a lipid against UV associated DNA damage to human skin cells. After graduation, Jennifer aims to apply her project experience and leadership skills while working in the cell therapy industry.

Crystal Lang-min.jpg

Crystal Prima Lang

Electrical Engineering - 3.954

Crsystal is an electrical engineering student focusing in a variety of areas from firmware to analog electronics. While attending Cal Poly she has simultaneously expanded her knowledge through internships and four years of club work as part of Cal Poly Supermileage. She  aims to contribute to a company in a full time position after she graduates, while continuing to learn.


Samantha Low

Mechanical Engineering - 3.58

Samantha Low is an undergraduate student in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in HVAC&R, expected to graduate in Spring 2021. She has had internships with Mortenson Construction and Stantec Consulting, growing a love for sustainable design and building science research through these experiences. Samantha has served as an officer for the Society of Women Engineers for four years with a passion for bringing engineering outreach to students in underserved communities.


Claire Luce

Aerospace Engineering

In studying Aerospace Engineering at Cal Poly, Claire has been provided many opportunities to expand on her learning including designing and building a 24-hour solar unmanned aerial vehicle. She has also held internships at NASA Ames Research Center and Maxar Technologies. She is excited to represent Cal Poly after college at Blue Origin, designing rockets and bringing astronauts back onto the moon.

Clare Lupo Photo OWE-min.jpeg

Claire Lupo

Biomedical Engineering  - 3.89 Undergrad - 4.0 Grad

Clare is currently a Biomedical Engineering Master’s student working on a thesis project developing a novel biomaterial characterization system. Her involvement at Cal Poly includes working as the student Lab Manager for the Tissue Engineering Research Lab, leading College of Engineering tours as an Engineering Ambassador, volunteering through SWE, working on QL+ engineering projects, and participating in several intramural sports. She has also gained valuable industry experience, completing a six-month Co-op at Edwards Lifesciences in the Critical Care department and an R&D internship at Medtronic working on minimally invasive technologies.

Neeka Nikfar_Photo-min.png

Neeka Nikfar

Electrical Engineering - 3.848

Neeka has a passion for engineering and a desire to make a positive difference in the technological world through her career and personal contributions. During her internship at Texas Instruments, she developed a method to analyze faults and generate accurate metrics for functional safety analysis. She plans to attend graduate school in the fall to pursue her passion for integrated circuit design and continue to grow as a dedicated engineer.

Sydney Seto Picture-min.JPG

Syndey Seto

Environmental Engineering - 3.78

Clean water is a basic human right and in her future career Sydney plans to lead with that motto. She looks forward to serving both domestic and international communities as a civil servant as well as an advocate for equal access to safe and abundant water resources.


Kylan Stewart

Computer Science

Kylan Stewart is a fifth-year Computer Science pursuing her master's degree focusing on CS Education and computing culture. She works in cybersecurity and has been involved in the computer security club giving educational talks on the subject since her first year at Cal Poly. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, listening to podcasts, and being creative.

Vanessa Wentworth-min.jpg

Vanessa Wentworth

General Engineering - 3.9

Vanessa Wentworth is a 4th year General Engineering student pursuing a blended mechanical engineering and product design curriculum. She has been involved on campus with SWE, PROVE Lab, Engineering Ambassadors, academic research in the MATE department, and study abroad. Her previous internship experience at Abbott Laboratories and Cor Medical Ventures has inspired her to pursue a career in medical device design upon graduation.

Thank you to everyone who attended our Virtual 2021 Evening with Industry!

Made Possible By

Our Cal Poly SWE EWI Officers


Eevee Murdock

EWI Events Chair


Evelyn Tran

EWI Corporate Chair

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